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The milk is processed into cheese directly after milking, so that the most important ingredients can be preserved and no bacterial stocks can get established.

All my cheese is raw milk cheese because it develops a much better and rich flavour.

Of course I always pay attention to absolute hygiene, starting with the breeding and feeding, milking, up to the processing of the milk.

Choose your favorite from our comprehensive assortment of cheeses and be directly present while processing the cheese.

In addition there is a short video about me recorded by a guest:


As little presents, our little vacuum-packed cheese are very suitable and you can take them without problems on your return journey.

Besides the cheese we also process Requesón from whey, Italian:Ricotta, which can be consumed like curd, sweetened or spicy. From whey I also bake the Requesilla, a cheesecake similar to those from the Quesadilla well known on El Hierro .

More milk products and various kinds of cheese are planned.

A little summary of our assortment of cheese:

Firm cream cheese:

• "Naked": natural, light salted

• "Greek": black olives, fresh garlic, salt

• "Peppery": freshly ground green peppercorn, fresh garlic, salt

• "Herbs of Provence": oregano, rosemary, thyme, lavender, basil, salt

• "Mojo Verde": oregano, parsley, paprica, cumin, garlic, salt

• "Nutty": crushed walnut, curry, ginger, lemongrass, salt

The herbs and spices are mostly from our garden or from controlled organic cultivation.

Smoked cheese with or without herbs

Ripened cheese:

Natural, classical with paprika, with curry, with Indian mix of spices, covered or interspersed with herbs …

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Frischkäse mit Kräutern klein

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Geräucherte klein

Sabine beim Käsen

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