About us

Eylin and Matthias at Finca La Paz

After individual paths of self-discovery and personal development, we have repeatedly engaged in new experiences. Through all the ups and downs, career paths, partnerships and family foundations, we have sought our very own ways to get closer to our essence.

For the past eight years, we have been on this journey together. We are attentive to inner processes and consciously face the special challenges that life on El Hierro brings.

For Eylin, astrology is an important instrument for exploring things in depth. A lot of time also goes into film editing and hopefully soon more into the joy of performance-free design with colors and materials. Another focus is on revitalizing and developing our finca together with our guests and enjoying the beauty of this island.

Matthias finds his fulfillment in designing the grounds, offering individual sessions for guests of the finca and the island, organizing group evenings and enjoying our cats.

We invite you to learn more about us in our videos and on the personal websites of Eylin (in English) and Matthias (in German).