Alignment and perspective

A wide space opens before your eyes

You have come to the finca. You have brought your whole life with you. Now you are here to take a break from the demands of everyday life for a while. You can put everything in the luggage rack. The finca and the island offer plenty of space for this. You can let go.

This is a chance to look at your everyday life from a distance. You are looking at the everyday life of another person, although this other person is yourself. Your change of perspective gives you the opportunity to undertake steps, to move forward. Just by looking at your everyday life with work, relationships, daily routine, nutritional and many other important aspects, new perspectives will emerge.

”Alignment and perspective“ offers you the opportunity to experience support through the guidance of Matthias. You can discover patterns which might go unnoticed dealing with them on your own.

Questioning and listening support opens up new perspectives. And you can develop visions that help you to tread new paths. El Hierro is full of new paths.

This one-hour program is suitable as an introduction and can lead to more in-depth sessions during your stay if you wish.