Living astrology


Astrology is a path to self-knowledge and thus also a path to self-responsibility for one‘s own life. Astrological systems can represent conditions and „brought along“ things. A consultation enables you to develop a deeper understanding of yourself and your own life. Perspectives open up to decide more consciously and wisely where to go. The opportunity to shape and expand one‘s own life is much greater than we think. In order to use this freedom more consciously, it is a great help to know one‘s own potentials and obstacles. Living astrology is a guide in this direction, and during your time with us at the Finca you have the opportunity to expand into the vastness and also to reorganize yourself.

Possible topics for a consultation:
- What are your strengths, talents and resources?
- Personal challenges and obstacles.
- Where have you arrived in your life, both externally and internally?
- What issues are currently triggered and need your attention?
- From the bottom of your heart: what is it that you really want to be or do?

More information:
In a video on YouTube or ad-free on Vimeo from about minute 20.

Astrological readings are of course also possible online.