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Get into dance

Let the music guide your body
Monday, July 22, 2024, 18:00

Whether you are a guest at our finca or elsewhere on the island, or whether you live here permanently – our events are for you! You will meet other people who, like you, are open to life. People who want to explore the many facets and depths of their existence.

We meditate. This form of presence can be practiced in many different ways. In sitting, in movement, in dance. We are currently practicing meditation in the settings listed below. We will inform you about the schedule of events in a special event newsletter. You are welcome to register.

Sitting in silence
The classic sitting meditation. This can be on the floor or on a chair. The evening begins with a shaking meditation. Between the sitting phases, we relax the body by mindfully walking around the room.

Chakra sounds meditation

A shared meditative sound experience. We meditate to music connected to the vibrations of the seven chakras.

Get into dance

This evening focuses on a longer piece of music. The music leads us into movement and into a dance that has no predetermined form. You can let go of everything you have previously associated with dance. The music will lead you into a new kind of dance.


Tandava (also known as Shiva dance) is a slow-movement meditation. We practise it to Indian and minimalist electronic music. For all those who have not yet practiced this intensive dance and meditation experience: An introduction and instructions are part of the event. You can find some additional information about this movement meditation in German language on this page.

Further information:

Registration: The number of places is limited. Therefore, please register bindingly by e-mail writing to

Admission: 17.30 / Start 18:00 / End: around 20.00

Location: Finca La Paz in Guarazoca is located at Calle La Pasada 40, about 200 m after the Fabrica de Quesadillas on the right-hand side of the road coming from Mocanal. You will recognize the entrance by the yellow gate and our logo. There are plenty of parking spaces along the road. Go down the ramp and further down a green staircase to the „Casa del Fondo“. The event room is located in the lowest part of the finca.

We meet in the patio or in the communal kitchen. In the half hour before the event begins, there is time to get to know each other, chat informally, find out about other offers from our center and purchase products from our own cultivation (dried fruit, jams).

Admission is not possible after the start of the event.

Contribution: You decide on the basis of your personal financial means.

Important: No previous experience is required… Please wear loose clothing that allows you to sit and move easily; meditation cushions – or chairs if you are not used to sitting on the floor – are available.