Turning one’s attention inward is the key to breaking free from the entanglements of life and entering a space of infinite expanse

Meditation is much more than living in greater balance. Meditation allows us to have experiences that cannot be described in words.

The way into this space is not easy for many. There are different positions for meditating. When sitting, often after a short time the back starts to hurt. The legs fall asleep. Those who stand while meditating are in danger of falling over. If you lie on your back, you usually go into the land of dreams after a short time.

But there is no better or worse way to meditate. It is important to find out which conditions you personally need to become still in your thoughts and to experience as little distraction from the outside as possible. To “outside” also belongs your own body.

Besides the position, the time frame is a hurdle for many. Meditation wants to be practiced regularly. But even daily five to ten minutes of silence can work wonders.

You may find a basis for your daily meditation practice in this offer together with Matthias. The small training will give you ideas how to practice mini meditation even on days when you have no time at all, in bus, train, office or at home, without people around you noticing.

Single session: 60 min