Yoga Basics

Exercises personally selected for you, regardless of your fitness level, current mobility or previous knowledge

Yoga is good for everyone. For an individual yoga-basics you don’t need any previous knowledge. Physical disabilities or limitations can be a mental hurdle, but nothing more. And if you practice yoga in groups from time to time or even regularly, your personal yoga routine and the group classes will cross-fertilize.

For your own yoga, it’s important that it’s not about filling a set time frame. You take the time that is available to you in your daily life. Your basic yoga sequence can last 5 minutes. Even these 5 minutes will have an impact on your everyday life. And if you want to extend the time, you can always add more elements.

So the first thing Matthias will ask you is how much time you have available in your daily life. And then you’ll get started.

Yoga has many aspects. When we talk about yoga here, we are talking about asanas (physical exercises) and meditative elements.

Single session: 60 minutes