Yoga with mantras

You practice yoga?
You want to start a yoga practice?

Combining yoga with mantras is a great enrichment. If the term “mantra” seems too esoteric to you, you can simply say “sound”. Here your voice becomes part of the practice and enriches it with a previously unimagined flow.

The tone belonging to an asana usually makes a zone of your body vibrate. In some postures, your entire body begins to vibrate. It is not the volume that is important, but the connection of the tone with your body. Matthias first encountered this technique in the school of Andro many years ago. He has continued to develop it and practices it daily.

Beginners can learn a simple sequence of toning asanas. For those who already practice their own sequence of asanas, this program will provide guidance on where tones can be integrated.

Duration of a first session: 90 minutes. Possible follow-up sessions: 60 minutes each

Your body is the basis for your stay on this earth. Every appreciation given to it enriches all areas of your everyday life.