Sabbatical Artist of life Dropout Experiment

What is the art of living?


The art of living is more than just a beautiful thought. Artists of life are not dreamers, but people who have the courage to say goodbye to established structures again and again. They clean out the junk room of everyday life from time to time.

If you would like to be a life artist, then take a look at what exactly it is that would turn your life into a work of art. Do you perhaps lack serenity … joy … courage … or self-confidence? Perhaps there is also a lack of community or inspiration?

Well, this list could be extended to include strength, joie de vivre and a sense of purpose. But never mind – see for yourself which of these terms resonate with you …

In any case, the art of living also includes the art of being. We consider people who create something unique to be artists. But every person is already unique. So this is where being comes into play.

Whether you like it or not, you always already ARE and always will be until your last breath. The only question is: How are you? Consciously … or driven by images and values that are not your own. To arrive more in BEING, you need LESS … speed, consumption, effort.

Finca La Paz supports this orientation. Slower, lighter, more open … that works well here. It is a place to live and retreat surrounded by vast space. A place where you can forget about time and let the beauty of nature take effect on you.

No matter whether you are already a life artist or still feel like a beginner in the art of living: We also offer our guest houses for long-term rental. Would you like to spend the winter months on El Hierro? Ask for special rates. Immerse yourself in an environment that supports you in listening to the heartbeat of your life.

Text: Eylin