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Consciously planning your sabbatical


Many people increasingly feel the need to stop exhausting all their energy in the hamster wheel. In one‘s mid-fifties, the body often gives signs that it needs a change. Dealing with high blood pressure, tinnitus and severe states of exhaustion is part of everyday life for many. But it is precisely the process of getting off the wheel that requires structure and, if possible, support.

The transition from a busy life in which we have relinquished responsibility for ourselves to „necessities“, to a life in which there is once again easier access to joyful activity, can take longer than expected. For people planning a sabbatical or other form of time out, Finca La Paz on El Hierro offers an ideal starting point.

A wide view, deep tranquillity and lovingly furnished guest houses form the basis of our offer to people who decide to leave their familiar routines before retirement. Anyone who has lived under constant stress for a long time, should be patient and look for a supportive environment in which the nervous system can slowly find its way out of the constant tension.

Anyone who has ever tried it knows: leaving fixed structures such as your job can prove to be a challenging transition. The long-cherished idea of finally being able to relax in all that free time and do the things that have been put off for years is put to the test, especially at the beginning.

Greater inner freedom and contact with unused resources need to be consciously aquired. Letting go of the old and discovering the new internally and bringing it into practical life requires courage and flexibility. There is the possibility of therapeutic support during this process.

It is possible to look into this during a Zoom meeting before arriving at the finca, to see if and how you would like us to support you.

Text: Eylin